Actions of PRC 21st Division

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Renner aus Schlesien
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Actions of PRC 21st Division

Post by Renner aus Schlesien » 18 Aug 2019 22:37

Hello. I've been doing research lately on the 21st Division of the People's Republic of China for use in improving the Wikipedia article on the division.
Since the division was only active during 1949 to 1950, it saw little service that I know of.

Though I have been able to find specific references to the division through other people, such as leading figures inside it, I have found little information on the division's actions itself.
It is mentioned here ( ... /3808.html ) that it fought in various battles in Shanxi, and this post here ( ... 4258.shtml ) mentions that it fought in the town of Weinan specifically.

Any information at all would be helpful, especially about its service!

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Actions of PRC 21st Division

Post by 79seconds » 12 Feb 2020 08:27

There are several 21st divisions in PLA orders.
which specific one do you refer to?

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