Chinese grenade soldiers

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Chinese grenade soldiers

Post by Cheerio_Fujisaki » 17 Oct 2019 21:33

I had noticed in some pictures of Chinese soldiers in shanghai (1937), some have grenades and some don't. Are grenades not deployed to the basic soldier? Or had the soldier already use the grenade before a picture was taken?

If you do have a info on this, please tell me

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Re: Chinese grenade soldiers

Post by gebhk » 05 Nov 2019 09:37

I was hoping someone more knowledgeable on Chinese doctrine would say something as I have found nothing of note in my meagre sources. A few armies of the WW2 era had designated grenadiers in their TOEs (the Danish army being one). However, in most armies the distribution of hand grenades was left to the platoon commander and squad leaders' discretion and depended on the mission and quantity of grenades supplied. Thus not all men would necessarily carry them all the time.

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