Hankow/Wuhan January 3rd through 10, 1927

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Hankow/Wuhan January 3rd through 10, 1927

Post by jerryasher » 24 Nov 2019 19:37

Is my sequence right? Please add or correct.
January 3rd, afternoon ---about a thousand union members seek to enter British Concession--barred by Royal Navy shore party
dusk---------shore party returns to ships, workers disperse
January 4th, afternoon---the absence of Royal Navy shore party is noted and growing numbers of individuals enter concession
Individuals deface war memorial, haul down Union Jack from Consulate, and Municipal Adm Center, Volunteer defense force ordered to stand down, emergency order for all women and children to board ships, men to designated buildings.
January 5th, dawn --2 ships sail for Shanghai with women and children, Americans order evac of women and children
evening---American women and children sail for Shanghai

The departure of women and children has ripple effect at Juijiang where a Mob(?) forces similar evacuation? men on jetty, houseboats and launches; women and children on shops for evacuation to Shanghai? date? at Juijiang action is European centered? Japanese included?

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