Not 1895 but 1592 would things have been different?

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Not 1895 but 1592 would things have been different?

Post by COmentator » 23 Jan 2024 17:54

If China had been conquered 1592 instead of 1895...could there have been a chinese empire going westwards and conquering Iran/Persia Iraq Arab States?


Or could such thinking be simply after the fact wishful theroy practiable?

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Re: Not 1895 but 1592 would things have been different?

Post by ghost1275 » 23 Jan 2024 18:35

Again if you are referring to Imjin War, the answer is no. Japan simply lacked such capacity to swallow Ming China (mainland China to be precise). The Japanese forces may be first rate, but to take such endeavor requires tremendous logistical support and a large occupational force to pacify the vast area, not unlike the dilemma facing IJA during WW2. Any conquest of the mainland, even if successful, would let to eventual sinicization of the invaders, much like what happened to Mongols and Manchu.
Also to keep in mind that Ming dynasty covered domain was much smaller than the later Qing dynasty. Manchuria, Tibet and Uyghur land were beyond its reach. No reason to believe a successful conquest of Chinese heartland would lead to further expansion into Central Asia/Steppe.

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