Chinese royalist army massacres.

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Chinese royalist army massacres.

Post by futter » 12 Feb 2005 22:35

In 1911, in a rightful revolt, Chinese forces comitted some harm, they killed upto 10,000 oppressor, Manchus, and such. This was wrong, but it was slight compared to many revolts. Meanwhiel as an indication of teh terribleness, of the earlier, regime. It saw 32,000 Chinese Christains, and 1000s of otehrs inclusing men women, and children executed in earlier parts of teh decade. This equall;y had some legitamacy, but then again, it had less the right to overthrow an opprwessive dictatorship. The monarchies plan was pathetic and prurely about slaugfhtering Christains, and foreigners into making them leave, so it could oppress teh people, liek in teh century earlier, and not have colonial focres oppressing tehm instead. The largest massacre of teh century before was the mass execution of over a million people in parts of the 1850s, revolts. Usually by teh government,
So there is incontravertable proof, taht monarchy massacred more people, in teh 10 years before the revolution, than teh 10 years after it.
And of teh 100s years after the revoltuion, every decade just about was better than every decade before,. in terms, of less famies, say in 1910, than 1810, less famines, in 1920 than 1820, and 1990, than teh 10million killed in teh famien of 1890.
I am no supporter of the Chinese Comunist regime, but only tegh most gauling fool would pretend teh Chinese monarchy was anything other than a living embodiment of satan, just iek all monarchies.

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Post by Marcus » 12 Feb 2005 22:38

futter wrote:a living embodiment of satan, just iek all monarchies.
Keep such political remarks out of the research sections of the forum, the place for political discussions here are the Lounge.

Please try to spell properly so we have at least some chance of understanding your posts.


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