The Sino-Japanese War(Campaigns in detail)

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Re: The Sino-Japanese War(Campaigns in detail)

Post by Yang » 16 Feb 2023 03:36

Eugen Pinak wrote:
15 Feb 2023 19:44
Thank you for the explanation. I had no idea KMT purchased weapons from France post WW II.
In order to prepare for the civil war, KMT used the loan of the United States to buy a large number of surplus arms from European and American countries in 1948. Except France. Canada, Belgium and Sweden have all had arms trade contracts with KMT. :D
This picture is about Song Ziwen reporting to Chiang Kai-shek that France could sell arms in 1948. It is mentioned that the current French government has 40000 German 79 rifles, 45 million bullets and 1000 German machine guns. The price is $5.085 million.
In the inventory list of KMT armoury in 1950, it was indicated that the current inventory had a total of 580 42-type machine guns.


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Re: The Sino-Japanese War(Campaigns in detail)

Post by Eugen Pinak » 16 Feb 2023 10:07

I had no idea there were so many purchases from Europe by KMT post-war. Thank you for the information.

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