Who are Vera Wang's Grandfathers?

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Post by toome » 19 Jul 2007 21:20

As far as I can tell, Vera Wang is not biologically related to my Great Grandfather 吳俊陞. I talked to my father today and asked about all the relatives and Vera just doesn’t fit in anywhere.

吳俊陞 had 2 wives and 3 Children (2 biological). They adopted a son, and then had a daughter and son with the first wife. The Son was my grandfather. 吳俊陞 died before he could have any more children with the second wife.

The adopted oldest son had four sons, all born in china.

The Daughter (who died a few years ago from Lung Cancer in California) had 6 children, 4 born in Shanghai (1 was a daughter) 2 born in HongKong (1 Daughter born 1939 and 1 Son born 1940).

The youngest Son born in 1912 (my grandfather) had 2 sons.

I would really like to know how Vera Wang finds her family roots to my Great Grandfather. Do you know what her mother and father’s names were? When was her mother born?

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Post by 79seconds » 05 Aug 2007 17:27

toome, the name of Vera Wang's father was Wang Chengqing(Íõ³ÎÇå), that of her mother's was Wu Chifang(Îâ³à·¼). It was reported that her father graduated from Yanjing University(Ñྩ´óѧ) and MIT, and her mother used to work as a interpreter in the UN.

Vera was born in June 27,1949, NY.

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