The invasion of Oahu, December 1941.

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Re: The invasion of Oahu, December 1941.

Post by robdab » 14 Feb 2017 20:35

glenn239 wrote:
Never. The original could use some tweaking and cleaning up, but I won't be doing it.

Thanks for clarifying your PoV.

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Re: (5) Shipping requirements

Post by Wenbo » 08 Mar 2021 22:23

glenn239 wrote:
17 May 2007 16:18
Total cubic volume: 5,651,861 cubic feet.
Shipping required @ 30 cubic feet per ship ton = 188,395 tons.

Note the tremendous impact of horses upon shipping. In addition to the 30.7% of grand total needed for the horses and their equipment, most of the food stowed (76%) was also for horses - a stunning 42% (79,333 tons) of the total divisional lift was needed just for the 7,930 horses, their food for 2 months and equipment. (About 10 shipping tons per horse vs. 3-5 tons per man). The only way to decrease this burden entailed some risk - either to reduce the amount of food embarked or increase the ratio of oats to hay in the animal's diet (at the cost of increased rates of sickness).
Hi Glenn,

Probably you over estimated the total tonnage needed to load a Japanese division at end of 1941. Take the landing at Malaya as an example: 5th div were landed on two beaches with the following ships:
Ship tonnage speed
SADO 7,189 19.5
KASHII 8,417 19.0
KYUSHU 8,666 19.9
ASAKASAN 8,812 19.0
AOBASAN 8,706 19.0
ATSUTASAN 8,663 19.0
SHINSHU (RYUJO) 7,100 20.4
KANSAI 8,614 17.5
NAKAO 7,190 18.5
SASAKO MARU 7,189 19.5
Total 80,546

tonnage speed
HIROKAWA 6,872 19.5
SAGAMI 9,264 19.5
KINUGAWA 6,936 16
KINKA MARU 9,301 21.6
Tosan Maru 8,684 19.9

grand total 153,263

This not only includes the 5th division but all aux forces and a tank regiment with 20 * type 97 and 37* Type 95 tanks.
So without unnecessary loadings, the battle load of Japanese forces could be much less.

BTW, the garrison on Oahu has basically very weak armored forces if any, and possibly lack of anti tank weapons as well, when in face of a Japanese landing of tanks. This could be devastating...

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Re: The invasion of Oahu, December 1941.

Post by OpanaPointer » 09 Mar 2021 00:13

The 3" AAA was dual purpose, IIRC.
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Re: The invasion of Oahu, December 1941.

Post by ChristopherPerrien » 09 Mar 2021 02:30

:thumbsup: I give both of you "The dead horse shovel" award for digging up the same necro .
Wembo, I salut your further efforts.
OP? IDK. I think we have already dug enough. Write a book yourself. I'll buy it. :D

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Re: The invasion of Oahu, December 1941.

Post by Carl Schwamberger » 09 Mar 2021 04:53

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Re: The invasion of Oahu, December 1941.

Post by David Thompson » 09 Mar 2021 06:31


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