Possible Invasion of England

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Post by Sam H. » 25 Dec 2002 05:00

In 1940 and '41 America was far from being "staunchly nuetral" - America turned over 50 (granted old) destroyers just when Britian needed them the most in exchange for bases. As the war in the Atlantic raged, the US became more and more involved. US troops moved to defend Iceland and Greenland. No, America may have declared war in December 1941, but she was inching towards war on Britian side long before this. US had long standing ties with Britian, sympathy was strong.

But the point is, with Britian out of the European War, would America eventually get involved? Its hard to imagine the US taking the fight to the Germans without the British Isles as a stagging ground.

And, in the ATL, with virtually the entire BEF destroyed, what veteran force would Britian have left?

Yes ... the British people had an amazing will to wage war in 1940. But how sturdy would their moral have been if they had watched virtually the entire BEF destroyed in a matter of weeks, followed quickly by the fall of France, falled quickly again by the defeat of the RAF in the skies over England. Then, German troops land in force. That a heavy blow for any nation to endure. I don't think the British would have turned turtle, but it would have affected the troops. Could Churchill and his government have survived?

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Post by cybercat » 25 Dec 2002 22:07

Aha point taken. I think that our soft underbelly would have been traitors like the Duke of Windsor and other Nazi fellow-travellers, especially amongst the "establishment" and aristocracy. Churchill wasn't the choice of the fence-sitters and the establishment disliked him intently but he was the right man for the job. The ordinary Britons though not loving him respected him because he had predicted the war several years before when Chamberlain and other establishment figures were negotiating with Hitler.

Rural Southern England probably would have fallen quite quickly at first but as the Nazis pushed inland they would have found resistance stiffening at every mile.

An assault on London would have been disasterous for the Germans. Taking cities is never easy and the Londoners were by nature very patriotic and anti-German. London is also a massive city. It would have crippled the Wermacht taking London. Even if they did then they'd have to take on other large cities and the resistance would become stiffer and stiffer the further north they went. The North, Scotland and Wales were also the industrial complex of the UK at the time. Also those areas have traditionally been recruiting grounds of the British Army. There is much military tradition there. Whilst the Germans would be engaged in and around London taking casualties the Brits would have probably reorganised in a city further north such as Birmingham or Manchester, produced armaments, trained soldiers and prepared to counterattack.
Although I reckon Churchill's govt would have been based in Scotland.

Actually, London could've been Hitler's Stalingrad in 1940 if they'd managed to invade. Perhaps we should have let him in in order to cut the war shorter! I doubt if the German people and the Generalstaff would have been quite so euphoric in 1940 if their Army had been crippled in the UK and they may have pushed Hitler out of power and negotiated a honourable peace with Britain consolidating some of their gains in continental Europe who knows? Without Hitler the invasion of Russia would never had happened and Europe today would be quite different.

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