What if 6´th army had gone around Stalingrad over Volga?

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What if 6´th army had gone around Stalingrad over Volga?

Post by oscar » 26 Dec 2002 22:57

What would have happend if 6´th army had gone around the city of Stalingrad instead of trying to storm it?

Thanx for your suggestions.

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Post by davethelight » 27 Dec 2002 04:27

Bit hard to say really, how far would they have to go before they had gone far enough? And what else was out there for them to capture?
Also, the further they went, the worse their supply situation became, so I don't think they could have gone too much further without having to try and capture Stalingrad to use a base.

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Sam H.
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Post by Sam H. » 27 Dec 2002 16:11

What they could have done is isolated the city and cut the Volga river traffic. Effectively removing the city from the Soviet war effort without the price of taking it street by street.

But Hilter wanted his prize and Paulas was too much of a staff general to do anything but follow orders.

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Blue max
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Post by Blue max » 31 Dec 2002 08:30

The 6th Army was much more efficient on the endless steppes of the Russian plains then in the streets of Stalingrad. The excellant coordination between armor, artillery, infantry and Luftwaffe was without peer, but it was lost in street to street fighting. But to be able to cross the Volga, both North and South of the city would still have been difficult to say the least as it is a wide river and would have stalled the advance for some time anyway.

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