Hitlers Weisung Nr. 33: Leningrad and Ukraine not Moskau

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Hitlers Weisung Nr. 33: Leningrad and Ukraine not Moskau

Post by Kriegsberichter » 05 Jan 2003 18:36

Hitler did make in clear in his Weisung Nr.33 that Moskau was no longer a major target to capture. Was this a mistake ?

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Symptom, not a cause.

Post by haoster » 11 Jan 2003 23:50

The much debated order to divide his forces, was another example of the naive, erratic nature with which Hitler purported to command his forces. By this time he was his own Minister of Defense, and was unharacteristically and needlessly meddling in affairs below even division level. He was confusing his bizarre strategic picture (we might now call it Weltanschauung) with his Staff's shorter-term goals of perserverance with an army over-extended beyond logistical support. Halder and Bock were right to oppose the redirection of forces, as it further weakened the Schwerpunkt in the center. But had the drive on Moscow continued in September, there would have been greater threat to the flanks. The capital would likely have been encircled, and then likely recaptured by the Red Army during its counteroffensive in December. Any real gains? Well, you could argue that some industrial capacity would have been destroyed, as well as the rail links; however, the Siberian divisions would still have detrained east of Moscow, and proceeded to do their work.

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