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Post by davethelight » 11 Jan 2003 04:30

Lets say Rommel in Russia and Manstein in North Africa.

Would this scenario have change the duration/outcome of the war to any signifiacnt degree?

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Post by Angelo » 12 Jan 2003 02:13

Not at all, in my opinion.

It was not a matter of commanders.

But I would venture saying that while the Eastern Front would have gained
a little with Rommel, the North African front would have lost a little with
Manstein. So, in the end, all would have remained the same.

If we want to specifically address the Stalingrad issue with Rommel in
place of Manstein, well, the chance for Paulus to feel more inclined to
get out of the pocket on the plausible more dynamic and convincing support action from Rommel, (he might have even gone as far as taking
it up personally to order the 6th Army out of the trap), ok, that might
have happened, but it would not have changed the general strategic situation so much to alter the final results.



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