Christie Suspension system

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Christie Suspension system

Post by Sieger » 17 Jan 2003 00:22

What if the Germans somehow manage to gain access to the Christie Suspension system? The soviets used this in their earlier tanks.

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Post by davethelight » 17 Jan 2003 07:29

I don't think it would have made a great deal of difference to the war, maybee improved their tank's manouverability a little, but in a battle they would still be outclassed by the likes of the T 34 and KV 1 and 2.

Mark V
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Post by Mark V » 17 Jan 2003 20:35

The best suspension system for tanks was torsion bar suspension - invented first by Germans (Pzkw III) and widely used (copied) by other participants of war in their own tanks. Like KV-1, IS-2, Pershing, Chaffee...

Christie suspension was good, like T-34 showed, but not any miracle solution (it is more complicated, space consuming and more difficult to beef-up if needed, than torsion bar suspension). Best evidence is that also Soviets have used torsion bar suspension since KV-1....

Regards, Mark V

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