Germany took over Europe...what happends to Japan?

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Germany took over Europe...what happends to Japan?

Post by T.R.Searle » 17 Jan 2003 22:11

We have all talked about the scenario that if Germany beat the U.S.S.R. and took over Great Britiain and went into a stalemate or peace proposal with the U.S.....if this happends in 41-43 what happends to Japan in this period of time? Does the same outcome happen, Japan gets the A-Bomb on it...or does Germany give them aid...tanks,machine guns, planes,U-Boats, sends an expeditionairy corps. Or would Germany even turn against Japan and side with the U.S.?

I am wondering other peoples opinions, I have been wondering about this now and again.

T.R.Searle :)

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Tim Smith
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Post by Tim Smith » 17 Jan 2003 23:32

Depends on: a) whether Hitler is leading Germany or not, b) whether Germany has occupied both Britain and the USSR, or just the USSR, and c) the timing - before Pearl Harbour or after it.

If he is, and he has occupied Britain and the USSR, he would be so puffed up with victory that he would think himself invincible. He would support Japan against America, and would probably still lose the war in the end.

If Britain is not defeated, but just persuaded to make peace after the defeat of the USSR, this being in late 1941 before Pearl Harbour, then Hitler might choose to leave Japan to fight America alone.

If Germany is already at war with America following Pearl Harbour, then she has no choice but to pursue it and support Japan.

If Hitler is NOT leading Germany, then German leaders would want to avoid war with the USA, even if that means leaving Japan to fend for herself.

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Post by peter_suciu » 18 Jan 2003 00:12

If the war in Europe comes to a close before Japan declares war on the UK and America, than I think Germany sits it out but openingly supports Japan. However, it might mean that the Japanese have to leave the UK possessions alone depending on what agreement Germany has with Japan. For example, if the UK surrenders with reasonable terms then Germany might find themselves in a situation where they are assume the role of protectors. I don't imagine Germany would want England to rearm to go to war with Japan -- those ships and men might come back towards Europe some day.

It would be easier to insist that Japan get certain areas in exchange for peace. Declining empires generally have to settle with what opinions they have left.

I see the UK and Germany sitting out the Pacific War as Germany hands over Vichy French lands to the Japanese in exchange for leaving the British out of it. Not that far fetched considering that the Hitler didn't even want to fight England and admired the Empire. The British keep their Empire, France loses theirs and the Americans showdown with the Japanese...who lose in less time since American efforts are all out against the Island Nation.

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