Germany Had Developed Snowmobiles By 1941

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Germany Had Developed Snowmobiles By 1941

Post by Kullman » 31 Jan 2003 21:44

If the Germans had developed and produced 30,000 snowmobiles for a Winter assult on Moscow in 1941, would that have forced Russia to sue for peace? Would more snowmobiles have been needed? Would the snowmobiles have to be armed with machineguns or other weapons to be useful, or would their troop carring ability alone be enough to tip the balance in favor of Germay?

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Post by peter_suciu » 01 Feb 2003 02:35

It might have actually been too cold on the Russian Front to use them. I'm not sure if they would work.

Anything would have been than the horse drawn army that the Germans had in 1941. They invaded Russia with more horses than Napoleon.

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Post by Madsen » 02 Feb 2003 22:26

IF You could use them in the temperature there, they could bee at some use in transporting light infantery like scouts an patrols. they need to much fuel to bee able to have heavy load on, but light AT weapons of hand held type could been used in PØP(Norw shorten for PanserØdeleggelsesPatrulje) or similar things.
But you can transoprt too few on each for it to bee an adnantage in battle.
I was in North of Norway in military and they use Snowmobile in the field.
only 2 -4 man on each. (4without eq)

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