An example of a "Model WI" is needed

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Re: An example of a "Model WI" is needed

Post by Andy H » 10 Jul 2012 11:16

Von Schadewald wrote:Some people take the pursuit of novel human knowledge, of which WIs are a branch, and its thwarting/censorship, a tad more seriously than petting the cat.

If you were the moderator, Waldzee, in your opinion, what exactly in my Alternate 1943 Med Capaign warrants its actually locking, and thereby denying the readership the pleasure and edification of studying the opinions of others more expert expatiating on historical what might have beens:

"Rommel's nasal TB responds to treatment. He stays for Kasserine. Frühlingserwachen is a success, Bone & Tebessa falling. US casualties are horrendous. More Tigers & even some Panthers reach Tunisa. Shermans, Valentines and Crusaders are torched like fireflies. Monty bungles Enfidaville and the 8th Army is held at the Mareth Line and bled white. Hitler is resolved to keep a toehold in Africa no matter what. Fw 190s are pulled from the Eastern Front and with aerial convoys under their heavy escort, Hitler raises Axis forces to nearly 1 million men. All Fritz X production is sent to the Med and 4 RN battleships and 4 heavy cruisers follow Roma within the month, with heavy loss of live. Despite depleting the Atlantic wolfpacks, Dönitz order U boats through the Straits, where they take a toll of US troop freighters. Mussolini's overthrow is delayed and the Germans are still present on the African continent in early 1944.

Net result: war ends one month sooner than in OTL"
Hi von.S

Within your locked post, which you have copied here, there are no less than a minimum of 16 POD (Points of Departure) within it. Dealing with a couple POD's can cause chaos in a WI if not heavily monitored, 16 would be impossible to monitor.
The WI's must be plausible departures and mostly just a single change can have huge affects. But as always you over reach by changing multiples. Then usually you add a few more just after a few responses, thus making the WI a spiders web with no discernible centre, other than your whimsy for introducing figures from out of thin air.
As with most WI's I ask that the OP back up his assertions with how and why he reached his decision. You have just stated a set of (changed) circumstances then made a statement about the war end a month earlier! There is no why or how, and given you 16POD's we end up with a months difference in the OTL! Why a month and not 2,3 or 6 months?
The whole thread is just whimsy and from past experience I know all to well that when asked for how and why by other members, you reply with either silence or even more POD!
Good WI's have a solid plausible base and the continued involvement of the OP to drive it and keep it within their bounds. Over time their involvement may wain but hopefully by then its self-sustaining, given its solid base & birth. This particular WI of yours would have neither a solid base or an easy birth.


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Re: An example of a "Model WI" is needed

Post by OpanaPointer » 12 Nov 2019 19:07

We need at least two flags for WI threads. [Plausible] and [non-Plausible]. The first would be something like FDR falls off a destroyer and drowns in 1918. The second would be something like FDR is found to be working with Hitler all along.
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