What if... WW2 as we know it never happened?

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What if... WW2 as we know it never happened?

Post by Hoolaman » 04 Apr 2003 10:05

What if?... WW2 never happened.

If the NSDAP never came to power, or if it did and Hitler used his undeniable leadership skills for good instead of bad to revolutionise Germany for the better via employment, industrialisation, no incitement to racial hatred etc. what might have happened?

Would Germany still be ready for a brawl to throw off the Versailles humiliation? :x

Would they be able to ignore Versailles as they did, but only to make their country strong and proud and not to cause the deaths of tens of millions?

Would the calm after the storm factor that has resulted in (relative) peace for 60 years in the world be gone, and if so would world war be inevitable at some point and when and why? Also nuclear war might be possible on a much worse scale. :cry:

How do you see the map of world and europe?

I am assuming that only Germany was different, not Italy Japan etc. but I hope everyone can put their own spin on this interesting scenario.

Thanx :)

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Tim Smith
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Post by Tim Smith » 04 Apr 2003 13:01

The Weimar republic would probably have collapsed eventually even without Hitler and the NSDAP. German conservatives, former aristocrats and generals were the most powerful political group in Germany, and had little loyalty to democracy, what they wanted was effectively a return to the Second Reich, either with a new Kaiser or, if the common people wouldn't accept that, then with a military dictator. Perhaps even a Fascist regime like that in Italy might emerge.

First on the agenda was economic recovery, which could have been achieved without Hitler had the right decisions been taken, and then military rearmament.

These conservatives were extremely anti-Polish, they wanted to recover Germany's lost territories in the east. They would probably also be in favour of an Anschluss with Austria. The Sudetenland would be an attractive area for annexation, but unlike Hitler the German conservatives would probably have been satisfied with the outcome of Munich and not annexed the whole of Czechoslavakia. They wouldn't have been as pushy and unreasonable as Hitler was, a longer takeover period would have been acceptable instead of the few days that Hitler wanted.

A war between Germany and Poland over the eastern territories is still very likely at some point unless Poland backs down. Like Hitler the German conservatives would be prepared to make a deal with Stalin over Poland and the Baltic States, in hope of keeping the West out of the war.

Poland is unlikely to back down even the annexation of Czechoslovakia hasn't happened, and even if she doesn't have the support of Britain and France. I think Poland would prefer to fight even a totally hopeless war against both Germany and the USSR, singlehanded, rather than give up any of her territory.

Germany would still regard France as her major opponent in Europe.

The German leaders would be much less interested in war with the USSR, although they would still want to limit Soviet influence in Eastern Europe and the Balkans as much as possible.

To sum up, a war is still likely if France and Britain feel themselves threatened by a resurgent Germany.

James McBride
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Post by James McBride » 07 Apr 2003 04:34

That seems about what would happen in my opinion as well. The same sort of situation in Germany, just someone less crazy leading them.

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Re: What if... WW2 as we know it never happened?

Post by Cantankerous » 03 Oct 2023 01:06

If we decided to consider the Japanese invasion of Manchuria the true start of World War II because Mussolini invaded Ethiopia four years after the Japanese conquered Manchuria, World War II as we know still would have only partly happened if Hitler had drowned in a river in Austria in 1894 or he had been killed in combat in the trenches in World War I.

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Terry Duncan
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Re: What if... WW2 as we know it never happened?

Post by Terry Duncan » 03 Oct 2023 09:13

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