What if: Hitler killed during WW1

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What if: Hitler killed during WW1

Post by ZackdeBlanc » 04 May 2003 09:54

Here's one...

What if Hitler had been killed during the First World War? Lets say that all economic and social conditions in Germany during the 20s and 30s were the same, but Hitler was dead so he wasn't there to lead the NSDAP. What would have happened? Would there still have been a Third Reich?

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Tim Smith
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Post by Tim Smith » 04 May 2003 10:50

Without Hitler the Nazi Party would fade out of existence in the early 1920's.

There would be a Third Reich, probably either a Polish-style military dictatorship or a Fascist regime similar to Spain's.

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Post by davethelight » 04 May 2003 10:59

Well, I doubt Germany would have caused a global war, though I do see the possibility of global war occuring between Russia and western Europe, so WWII could well have still happened in some form.

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Post by Baltasar » 06 May 2003 11:52

In the 20's, many of the people remembered the glorious leadership of the Kaiser and it's successful leadership. I think many of them wanted another Kaiser and only a smaller fraction was either right or left wing.
Without Hitler, there could have been another importent person whose cause was to settle the agenda with france and/or to rebuild the german empire.

However, I don't think there would have been a Holocaust or a war like WW2.

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Post by Gott » 06 May 2003 12:31

The answer to this what if is that all of us would not be here dicussing about Third Reich.

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worst thing that could have happend

Post by shnndale » 07 May 2003 08:48

We would all be Communist.

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Post by Blitzkreig » 07 May 2003 20:30

Tere are many answers to that. First, the NSDAP party probably would have died out, becuase if you read the history, it was only really a small party that began in munich for the benefit of the workers, most if not all that first joined where SA, so people in bavaria often thought of them as thugs and what not.
Secondly, your right, most people rememberd the good old days of the kaiser and how well germany prospered as a world power...think of bismark...most people wanted a return to that. When the kaiser died sometime in the middle thrities...hitler even used that day to bolster that feeling and say that the kaiser was behind him..so they would have probably found another kaiser and rebuilt their economy.....who knows

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Re: worst thing that could have happend

Post by AHLF » 08 May 2003 19:13

shnndale wrote:We would all be Communist.
Thy statement is pretty much logical... :lol:

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forgotten soldier
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Post by forgotten soldier » 08 May 2003 21:20

millions of people would not have died unnecessarily

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Post by Blitzkreig » 09 May 2003 03:22

millions of people would not have died unnecessarily
I have to disagree with that. Everyone dies for a cause. there is no wasted death in the world, and that every life or live has an impact on the world. think of the holocost...what that has taught us....think of the men that died fighting nazism...think of the men defending germany...they all died for a purpose..even the poor jews...they died..even so that i think it was a horrible way to die and really UNFAIR....it had a purpose. everything in life does. My own opinion though...

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Re: What if: Hitler killed during WW1

Post by Cantankerous » 03 Oct 2023 01:23

If Hitler had been killed in the trenches in World War I, then World War II would have been restricted to East Asia and the Mediterranean Basin because Hitler was the one determined to wreak revenge on Europe for his country's defeat in World War I, and Hans von Seeckt would have pressured the French not to have the Versailles Treaty include restrictions on German military strength or requirements for Germany to pay reparations for damages to Allied property in World War I.

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Re: What if: Hitler killed during WW1

Post by Avalancheon » 03 Oct 2023 08:39

Cantankerous wrote:
03 Oct 2023 01:23

WHY ARE YOU NECROING THREADS FROM 20 YEARS AGO? Is there something mentally wrong with you?

You have necroed ten threads in the last week! You should be permanently banned for this behaviour.

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Terry Duncan
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Re: What if: Hitler killed during WW1

Post by Terry Duncan » 03 Oct 2023 09:14

Thread Necromancy from 2003 brought to people by Cantankerous. Please start acting your age before you find yourself taking an extended holiday.


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