Which other countries would've been likely to break up after a war or Communist rule?

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Which other countries would've been likely to break up after a war or Communist rule?

Post by Futurist » 26 Sep 2018 22:24

In our TL, Austria-Hungary, the Russian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire broke up after the end of WWI (with Germany also losing some territories but remaining mostly intact). Also, in our TL, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia all broke up after decades of Communist rule.

Which other countries were likely to break up if they would have had to endure a long, deadly war and/or decades of Communist rule?

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Robert Rojas
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RE: Which Other Countries Would Have Been Likely To Break Up After A War Or Communist Rule?

Post by Robert Rojas » 27 Sep 2018 00:35

Greetings to both brother Futurist and the community as a whole. Howdy Futurist (or Alvin Toffler if you so prefer)! Well sir, in respect to your introductory posting of Wednesday - September 26, 2018 - 1:24pm, old yours truly is of the school of thought that charity begins at home and I would assert (more rightly than wrongly) that the Peoples Republic of California is in the incremental process of disintegration after years of ONE PARTY GOVERNANCE under the enlightened administration of SOCIALISTS masquerading as DEMOCRATS. I look forward to that glorious day when I can call NORTH CALIFORNIA as my state of residence. I need not read off a list of the insidious rot and corruption that is destroying this State from within because, in your case anyway, I would be preaching to the choir. So, as you would often say, ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS? Well, that's my initial two disgruntled cents worth on this clearly political topic of interest - for now anyway. As always, I would like to bid you an especially copacetic day down in your corner of the THIRD WORLD sometimes known as THE SOUTHLAND of the State of California.

Best Regards From The Greater San Francisco Bay Area,
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Re: Which other countries would've been likely to break up after a war or Communist rule?

Post by Gorque » 27 Sep 2018 01:31

Hi Futurist, a.k.a. Alvin Toffler (j.k.):

I would opine that any nation runs the risk of total or partial disintegration due to language, religious differences; e.g. Canada, China or even recently perceived cultural differences, e.g. Spain.

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