Battle of Lanzerath Ridge

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Battle of Lanzerath Ridge

Post by OldBill » 18 Oct 2018 04:02

Just prior to the German attack upon the 394th Inf. Regt.s I&R platoon, a four gun platoon of Co. A, 820th TD Battalion was ordered away, greatly depleting the defense. Had the 4 towed 3" ATG and fifty odd troops been ordered to hold as the I&R Plt was, what would have been the effect upon the battle?

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Re: Battle of Lanzerath Ridge

Post by Kingfish » 18 Oct 2018 23:23

The only difference would have been the loss of the 4 guns and most, if not all, of the gun crews at Lanzerath Ridge.

The I & R platoon totaled only 18 men so it couldn't have defended it's own sector and provided security to the gun crews. This would have forced to the gun crews to fight as infantry, essentially negating whatever advantage the guns gave them.
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