Decolonization without the Fall of France

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Re: Decolonization without the Fall of France

Post by HistoryGeek2019 » 14 Nov 2019 03:45

Anthonycumia1776 wrote:
14 Nov 2019 00:34

NO ONE gives up anything of worth by choice save cowards and fools.
That's not true. People are fundamentally kind at heart. We all give up quite a lot for each other, every day of our lives.

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Re: Decolonization without the Fall of France

Post by David Thompson » 14 Nov 2019 04:28

Anthonycumia1776 -- You wrote (at viewtopic.php?p=2233760#p2233760):
No, as the post world war worldview of "anyone who does not agree with the egalitarianism world view is the next Hitler" was pushed by the internationalist/Anti Western groups for the reason of harming the west and its people, within them having power and using the long/bloody war as an excuse and a mentally/emotionally shattered people unable/willing to fight back it is unlikely that France would give away such wealth when they would not have to.

NO ONE gives up anything of worth by choice save cowards and fools.
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Re: Decolonization without the Fall of France

Post by wm » 14 Nov 2019 06:27

France eventually relinquished her colonial possessions (one of the problems was they had to abandon their own colonists to a grim fate) but only under extreme pressure, other countries because they couldn't afford them anymore.
As usual, the only exception was driven by their version of idealism the Americans.

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