What is the largest that Germany can realistically become?

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Re: What is the largest that Germany can realistically become?

Post by Futurist » 03 Jan 2020 21:14

ArmchairSamurai wrote:
03 Jan 2020 05:03
Hello Futurist and others.
I am not here to debate anyone, merely to make a quick suggestion for the OP.
I scanned through the post for any mention of the United Baltic Duchy, but alas, no one seems to have touched on it. Such a tributary state would make a nice addition to Grossdeutchsland (had it ever existed).
In theory, a Germany that wins WWI can certainly annex the United Baltic Duchy (UBD). However, I am unsure that it would actually be able to permanently keep the UBD since getting large numbers of German settlers to move there might be a problem. The UBD wasn't that populated, but nevertheless getting a couple of million Germans to move there could be quite challenging. You could get some or even many Russian Germans to move there if anti-German sentiment will be high in Russia after a German WWI victory. However, 2-4 million Germans is quite a lot, no?

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Re: What is the largest that Germany can realistically become?

Post by ArmchairSamurai » 04 Jan 2020 08:21

As I understand it, to compare interwar Germany's territorial acquisitions (as in annexation) to that of a purely tributary state is not entirely accurate. The United Baltic Duchy never intended to be "absorbed" into Germany proper as far as I am aware--I could be wrong on this. Consider Manchukuo's relationship with Japan; not part of Japan in the literal sense (sphere of influence aside) but whose allegiance falls with Japan and is in someway populated with Japanese, though not completely. I confess that is not the best comparison I can come up with on such short notice since Manchukuo is a puppet state and the UBD is not, but close enough for the point that I am trying to get across.

I would imagine the fleeing Russian Germans (as you point out) and White émigré like the Cossacks, (if the Bolsheviks still seize power), together with the present number of Baltic Germans, Latvians, Estonians and however many Germans relocated from, let's say Prussia, could make a sizable population with a fairly sizable aristocracy/nobility to boot. Such a migration is... possible, but unlikely unless over an equally sizable interlude. A decade or so in my book is believable if the conditions are met; yet, considering how unstable the UBD was with the rise of Latvian and Estonian nationalism, as well as Bolshevik intervention, is any one's guess. I'd say a German victory may be the only realistic chance the UBD has at becoming a real nation without a convoluted number of butterflies to the actual timeline.
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