Drachinifel Naval what if

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Drachinifel Naval what if

Post by James A Pratt III » 09 May 2019 23:53

On youtube there is a section Drachinifel which deals with warships they have a number of ship vs ships, naval battles and what if?

The what ifs include:
The Last Ride of the High Seas Fleet what if the HSF instead on mutiny goes out to fight the Grand fleet for one last time.

Battle of Samar (Alternate History) US 7th fleet old battleships cruisers and destroyers taken on Kuritas force.

The Russian 2nd Pacific Squadron voyage of the damned. A LOL funny account of the Russian Baltic fleets voyage to the Far East. Which is sadly true. As one poster note planned by the 3 stooges carried out by the Key stone cops

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