What if Churchill accepted Hitlers peace offer?

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Re: What if Churchill accepted Hitlers peace offer?

Post by JAG13 » 12 Dec 2019 00:35

HistoryGeek2019 wrote:
11 Dec 2019 23:30
JAG13 wrote:
11 Dec 2019 20:12
the UK ambassador in Washington was still talking behind curtains to the Germans in late July
Care to elaborate? Two ambassadors talking to each other doesn't necessarily mean their countries were interested in peace, e.g.:

German ambassador: "Please make peace with us."

UK ambassador: "Hmmm yeah I'll get right on that."
Well, you claim was "nor anyone else was interested in peace in the UK", Lord Lothian was, and was in contact with the Germans with or without Halifax's blessing or knowledge as recorded by Nicholson and von Wieszacker in late July.

Lothian claimed the terms were "very generous".

So yeah, you are wrong.

And that is not even considering the mid-June contacts through Sweden.

Ponting, pp. 117

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