Earlier Type XXI - informed by Cold War developments

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Re: Earlier Type XXI - informed by Cold War developments

Post by TheMarcksPlan » 31 Aug 2020 23:35

Terry Duncan wrote:
31 Aug 2020 02:37
TheMarcksPlan wrote:
30 Aug 2020 17:45
Terry Duncan wrote:what are you saying about the dreadful figures from the Germans building the Type XXI?
I'm not saying anything about those dreadful figures. We can probably all agree that OTL T21 was, with hindsight, not worth the expenditure.
Unless they can be fixed there will never be even close to as many Type XXI's at sea as there were Type VII's and Type IX's. Bringing forward a failed production process will hardly be an advantage. Might as well abandon the entire modular construction idea and just let experienced yards build them.
If T21 comes a year or so earlier then Speer isn't armaments minister and there's probably no modular construction plan, at least not initially. With T7/9 still having some value, the process probably isn't so rushed. Skipping a prototype was supposed to save 6 months but in reality cost time. It was about a year between completion of the first boat and the first and only T21 operational mission.

With a longer time horizon and - depending on ATL - greater security in the Baltic and Med, the Germans would have the option of using more slipway space instead of using modular construction. Leningrad, for example, had a lot of slipway space and was safe from any bombing. Likewise Italy. Or they could have started with normal construction and, once the kinks were worked out, ramped up modular. In any ATL in which Germany beats SU, they can probably do both more shipyard space as well as later modular construction.
"The whole question of whether we win or lose the war depends on the Russians." - FDR, June 1942

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