WI no Alliance structure prior to ww1

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WI no Alliance structure prior to ww1

Post by nastle » 20 Nov 2020 01:21


WI the triple alliance and entente does have the clause that entire alliance should go to war if one party does

How will early 1900s [1900-1920] look like ? What other potential conflicts can occur

Italy France war over tunis ?
2nd franco german war
British russian war in central asia
ottoman russian war in armenia ?
german- Japanese war over pacific islands
Japanese US war in pacific ?
italian ottoman war lasts longer ?
third balkan war ?
british german colonial war in east africa

any comments suggestions welcome

thank you

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Re: WI no Alliance structure prior to ww1

Post by Hoplophile » 31 Jul 2021 01:09

If there are no firm alliances prior to 1914, then any war that breaks out resembles the Balkan Wars (1912-1913 of our time line.) That is, the easier it is for a power to change sides or make a separate peace, the greater the folly of attempting to inflict a decisive victory upon the field army of an opponent. Instead, the thing to do is occupy a nice piece of territory (as the Greeks did at Salonika) and hold it against all comers until the peace conference is convened. In short, such conflicts would resemble the cabinet wars of the 18th century. Beati sunt possidentes.

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Re: WI no Alliance structure prior to ww1

Post by AnchorSteam » 13 Aug 2021 02:13

I dunno....
Recall the pictures of people, the regular folk, running out and celebrating the start of the war.
Europe was HUNGRY for a chance to settle old scores, and Russia was in need of another diversion from its own problems.
Would Russia have stood by while old Franz crushed Serbia? Would Germany have stood by while Russia crushed Austria?

It would not have happened the same way, but the enthusiasm for the war, and the manic stubbornness that made it last so long remain.

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Re: WI no Alliance structure prior to ww1

Post by Futurist » 12 Nov 2021 00:40

If there is no alliance system in place, then Russia won't risk war over Serbia. Not with Germany and not in 1914, at least. Maybe in 1940 assuming no WWI before then, but not in 1914.

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