"The Dogs of War" actually happened....

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"The Dogs of War" actually happened....

Post by LAstryAGAIN » 03 Sep 2023 16:02

I refer to the 1974 Novel by Frederick Forsyth ....

The republic of Zangaro...based on upon Equatorial Guinea,..

Alternative History....
If as has been alleged ...a Coup de main had actually occured in the book... Equatorial Guinea could have been a homeland for the Biafra

In actual fact
Five years after the novel was written there was a actual COup de Main... Left wing President for life Francisco Macías Nguema was overthrown and killed in 1979 by his nephew right wing President for life Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo ...Equatorial Guinea has become one of sub-Saharan Africa's largest oil producers. It has subsequently become the richest country per capita in Africa, and its gross domestic product (GDP) adjusted for purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita ranks 43rd in the world; however, the wealth is distributed extremely unevenly, with few people benefiting from the oil riches.... :milwink: Illustrating the old saying that in post colonial africa..The More things seem to change...the more they stay the same....

Some remarks on the Novel:
Yes the US edition does have the cause of his death as mole on the back of his neck..however the explanation that it was actually terminal Lung cancer does make more sense....although it does take a leap of faith as to how a semi retried physician with no office equipment [not even an X ray] could come to such a diagonius..! Forsyth always left two plot holes...for example Lamborgotti's fate..is always ambigious...its plain he does not survive...a clue is that in his biography its stated that he suffers from acute claustraophia of small enclosed places...and that a possible reason he "disappears"--is that he was captured and innured in a dungeon where he goes insane and is ultimating killed...another is that the unnamed mercenery writer in the book by his own admission writes for a living..blackmails Mason to obtaining a livelong pension....in return for his silence...about the part Mason had been in bringing coupde taut {After Shannon shoots Colonel Bodi ) Inronically Sir James Mason and his associates will probably become rich as they intended-only not as cheaply as they had planned since the book points out that while Bodi is the perfect figurehead government leader he commands no power among any of the groups of "Zangaro" [The two tribes and the immigrants]... In fact in real life as explained in the beginning of the book of western companies and African Heads of State Eadean would be sent back to Zangaro to make a usual Busineess arrangement for the mining of the Plantatin...The "General" would indeed furnish the manpower and Mason Co the equipment ..the only difference being the "General" would probably decline a "investment" donation to his personel account..although he would welcome a sizeable "donation" to the country treasury since his counties just about bankrupt anyway.... While Forsyth gives a "red herring" that Eadean will lose a chance of a fortune because of Bodi death...after all the epilogue says only that Mason and Eadean say nothing publicly about the Coup de tat..but never says that they didnt get rich..after all! Thus if Bodi became the new dictator he would be overthrown and killed (since Kimba was his only support); the country would collapse because of a power vacum and Mason would not get his hands on the Plantatin at all!

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Re: "The Dogs of War" actually happened....

Post by wm » 25 Sep 2023 22:45

According to the novel, the only thing people need to be rich and happy is a "good guy" ruling over them - an absurdly cartoonish idea (because power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely), and anyway, the current dictator isn't a good guy.
They only have bad guys and worse guys there.

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