To all posters in "What if"

Discussions on alternate history, including events up to 20 years before today. Hosted by Terry Duncan.
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To all posters in "What if"

Post by Georg_S » 20 Dec 2023 20:26


As this is one of the subforum that get the most reports from member against other members, I get email with complaints, we ban (for life) and temporarly, we give formal warnings etc. But still, it continues.

Rule nr 2 in the rules of the forum say the following - READ IT, FOLLOW IT! OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!!

Be respectful
We have members from all over the world, who have very varied backgrounds and personalities. Passionate, and even heated, discussion is part of a forum, but this should not escalate into vitriol or offense. All members have a responsibility in maintaining a good tone.
Bear in mind that not all members have your background.
Focus on the arguments, rather than the poster.
Do not insult other members. This includes, but is not limited to, personal remarks and insults, negative remarks or generalizations about ethnic, national, or cultural groups, genders, sexual orientations, disabilities, and ridicule over level of experience, knowledge, or language skills.
Do not cause unnecessary offense. This includes, but is not limited to, excessively vulgar or profane text or images. If you need to post an photo that includes nudity, dead bodies, or similar strong imagery as part of an historical discussion, you must post the photo as a link with a clear warning of the nature of the photo.
Do not spam or use exaggerated visual effects. This includes, but is not limited to, commercial and for sale-posts and -signatures (outside the for sale-section; see the for sale-guidelines for more information), posting the same post in multiple sections, having an animated avatar, including images in your signature, and using bold/large/colored text to highlight your signature or post.
Do not post in languages other than English (outside the translation request forum). If you are quoting from a non-English source, you must provide a translation into English (for long quotes, an English summary is acceptable).
Do not use rhetorical tricks, polemics, trolling, or other online discussion tricks.
When discussing persons who are still alive, write about the facts, not your opinions.

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Re: To all posters in "What if"

Post by daveshoup2MarDiv » 06 Jan 2024 18:55

Well said.

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