What kind of a nation would Germany be now if Hitler won?

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Post by Dan » 14 Jul 2002 06:05

How would you describe the morality of the Polish people/government between, say, 1938-1939? Good, evil, indifferent?

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Post by Davey Boy » 14 Jul 2002 06:30

Dan wrote:How would you describe the morality of the Polish people/government between, say, 1938-1939? Good, evil, indifferent?

I'm not sure it would be so easy to define Poland's morality during that period. I guess it swung from good to evil (good for opposing the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, and evil for its' treatment of ethnic minorities). In regards to the Polish government, I think it was naive, arrogant and careless in its actions.

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Post by Xenon » 14 Jul 2002 10:53

Ovidius wrote:
Xenon wrote:Never forget one thing : in the first line, we are human beings, then in the second, we are of a specific nationality. We have been born in Germany, and we feel german with our hearts. We have no responsibility for the debts of Nazis or other people, who misused our men and women, our country and our feelings for their purpose. We do not share their opinion, and we don't support people, who violate any human rights.

I see only one way : forgiving and stopping the provocations and hate. It is time to give chance to a new beginning. Lets take that chance.
I can't believe that you apologize to this creature, after he had insulted you together with all your nation, and not only once !!!!


Ovidius, i don't apologize, because i don't have to apologize for something. That would be the order of those, who have as a matter of fact, done violance to civil human rights. I guess we have to go a step further : to ask for the reasons of his hate against Germans and to overcome the past for a new beginning.

Be sure, that we have national pride and that i will defend my country, if someone unjustified is attacking it, but i won't defend human violance and gruesome treatment. As i said before, we are part of a new generation and therefore part of a new time, which should win about prejudice and historical debts. As a matter of fact, our ancestors have hunted and killed millions of people, a fact that is historically unique, but one should now understand that many germans didn't support their acting between 1939 and 1945, and today nobody does that, except of a few "neo-nazis". We have only one important question, which is independent of historical or geographical background : does somebody violate the human rights of another ? If he does, i will never accept it and we will do everything in our power to stop it.

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Post by Marcus » 14 Jul 2002 11:03

This is only going downhill.


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