WI Japan and Germnay invaded Russia at once?

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WI Japan and Germnay invaded Russia at once?

Post by Zachary » 01 Sep 2002 23:12

What if there was more coordination between Japan and Germany and they both attacked Russia? Would the Japs been bogged down and driven to the sea? Even if that happened would that give the time the Germans needed to take all the major cities?

Lord Styphon
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Post by Lord Styphon » 02 Sep 2002 04:07

The biggest help Japan could have been to Germany would have been simply being a threat to the USSR. With the Japanese being there and threatening, the Soviets couldn't have transfered the divisions they had in Siberia to defend Moscow like they did in 1941. Whether they accomplished anything else is irrelavent; by just being there, the Japanese would have tied down forces the Soviets desperately needed elsewhere.

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Post by panzzer » 07 Sep 2002 03:14

Yes this is very corect, but Japan had another war, he dont play for Germany , But if they
knew wat's hapen , I think they had heplt Germany to defeat Russia or just to be there!

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Re: WI Japan and Germnay invaded Russia at once?

Post by Cantankerous » 12 Feb 2021 00:25

They both would have access to vital resources of the Soviet Union to keep their war machines running, including the oil fields in the Caspian Sea and the natural gas reserves in Siberia.

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T. A. Gardner
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Re: WI Japan and Germnay invaded Russia at once?

Post by T. A. Gardner » 12 Feb 2021 00:55

The US, Britain, and Dutch shut down all exports to Japan. Japan's economy collapses. Japan loses. The Russians outlast the Germans, Germany loses.

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Re: WI Japan and Germnay invaded Russia at once?

Post by Terry Duncan » 12 Feb 2021 03:54

What If thread necromancy ceased? Two almost twenty year old dead threads in one day is close to a record of some sort!


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