Der Fuhrer's 1942 world trip

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Von Schadewald
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Der Fuhrer's 1942 world trip

Post by Von Schadewald » 19 Mar 2005 11:09

WI at his height in early 1942, Hitler goes on a blitz three week tour of his empire: Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Marseilles, Rome, Tunis, Tripoli, Benghazi, Athens, Crete, Belgrade, Budapest, Sofia, Tirana, Bucharest, Prague, Leningrad, Warsaw, Odessa, Kharkov, Rostov, near Moscow and Stalingrad etc, even risking some trips to the frontline.

Would the electrifying effect on his troops compel them to go that extra kilometre - fanatische - and win the war? Maybe. And demoralise his foes, causing many Ukranians, Kalmuks, Cossacks etc in the Soviet army to defect.

And even sway the Turks and Spaniards to throw in their lot with him. No doubt at least one Allied assassination attempt would be made, maybe even an airborne one, Yamamoto style.
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Andy H
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Post by Andy H » 21 Mar 2005 21:25

The lack of plausibilty of this post (given that some of the destinations were not even in German hands or even German territory) begs belief.

Andy H

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