Sabotage of U-boats and assassination of U-Boat commanders and crew

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Sabotage of U-boats and assassination of U-Boat commanders and crew

Post by BernardO » 15 Jun 2021 19:25

Towards the end of the war, the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) interrogated all German and Austrian prisoners of war held in British camps and, those identified as anti-Nazi (many of whom had criticised the Hitler Youth, heckled at meetings, beat up members or openly criticised Hitler and the Nazi regime and had been imprisoned for it or put in punishment camps) were recruited for special missions. Provided with paramilitary, parachute and in some cases clandestine warfare training, they were prepared to be parachuted into Germany on sabotage, subversion and assassination missions. A number of them were sent to the Kiel and Bremen areas to organise the sabotage of U-Boats and the assassination of commanders and crew.

Their personnel and mission files are in the National Archives in Kew and I have used them to write documentary histories of what the SOE called 'BONZOS' and detail their successes and failures.

Might anyone know of any U-Boat commanders or crew members in the Kiel and Bremen areas who were assassinated in the final months of the war or ?have details of any sabotage of U-Boats>

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