Super small submarines in Pilau East Prussia

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Super small submarines in Pilau East Prussia

Post by otis68 » 11 Oct 2021 13:27

Good afternoon. I apologize for the English language. I am from Russia and I am writing to this forum through a translator. My area of interest is in the small submarines Project Seehund and similar projects. Where can I find information about the deployment of such boats that could serve or temporarily stay in the port of Pilau in East Prussia? Is it possible to control the Project Seehund boat by one person? Is it possible to use Project Seehund to transport 1 or 2 people besides the boat crew? Is there any information about the presence of ultra-small submarines in the port of Pilau from 1.04. 1945 to 0.04.1945

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Re: Super small submarines in Pilau East Prussia

Post by ewest89 » 12 Oct 2021 17:21

Good afternoon. Here is an overview of operations for Seehund and other midget submarines. What is your source for operations at Pilau?


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Re: Super small submarines in Pilau East Prussia

Post by Hans1906 » 13 Oct 2021 17:00


the German designation at that time "Kleinst-U-Boot" is certainly important for your question...


NDR webpage: "Befehl "Regenbogen": Die Versenkung der U-Boote" / "Command "Rainbow": The sinking of the submarines"
Link: ... ht124.html

There is a lot of information in German language, maybe this little hint is interesting for you.

Good luck for your further researches ! :milwink:

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