U27 & U39 Looking for info on crews and capture

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Sheila Willis
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U27 & U39 Looking for info on crews and capture

Post by Sheila Willis » 15 Aug 2023 00:22

Thank you for adding me to the forum. I live in Smith, Alberta, Canada. I am known as the local historian. There were two German POW work camps nearby. One at Fawcett Lake and the other at Chisholm (Mills).

In our local history book, Echoes Along the Athabasca River, there is a small portion of information provided by one prisoner, Horst Seifert. He was of the U39 crew. It is as follows:

“The first German prisoners of war to leave Lethbridge prison camp were crew members of two German submarines, who in December 1943, volunteered to work in lumber camps.

After transferring to the N.A.R.train in Edmonton, we were greeted by Mr. McMillan, President of Chisholm, Sawmill‘s, Ltd. Some of the U 27 crew left the train at Chisholm, to work there in the planer mill the remainder of you 27, together with the U 39 crew, disembark at Smith, walked across the frozen, Athabaska River, and were taken by truck to Fawcett Lake logging camp.”

I am writing a short story on this piece of local history and am looking for more info on
- the crew members (many locals remember their parents being friendly and receiving carvings and other handmade items by the men.)
- their journey from capture to the camps - I’ve read somewhere they were in the Tower of London
- any info on their return home
- info or images in general.

I can post several pictures of the Fawcett Lake Camp if I could figure out how to load from a google drive.

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Re: U27 & U39 Looking for info on crews and capture

Post by tigre » 16 Aug 2023 16:51

Hello Sheila :D; glad to greet you.....................

Crew members U 27 & U 39.

U 39 https://historisches-marinearchiv.de/p ... cl2=result

U 27 https://historisches-marinearchiv.de/pr ... cl2=result

Hope be useful and good luck. Cheers. Raúl M 8-).

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Re: U27 & U39 Looking for info on crews and capture

Post by pebrandt » 28 Mar 2024 23:39

Hello Sheila: Sorry, but I just noticed this now. My father was the cook on U27 and indeed spent approximately 5 years as a pow in/near Lethbridge Alberta. I actually found a picture of him in a Time Life "Battle of Britain" series of books. I "believe" it is from his time in the logging camp. He is on the far left.
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