U 505 - War Bond Tours in 1945

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U 505 - War Bond Tours in 1945

Post by Derek Waller » 31 Mar 2011 11:10

U-505 - War Bond Tours in 1945

Dear All,

Shortly after the end of the war in Europe in mid-1945, U 505 was moved to the USA from Bermuda, and it then undertook 2 War Bond Tours. One to the US East Coast ports, and then one to the US Caribbean ports.

I suspect that the first Tour took place in July 1945, and that the second Tour took place in August 1945.

However, despite all the information that has been published about U 505 subsequently, the precise details of its transfer from Bermuda and these 2 War Bond Tours are still somewhat “cloudy”.

What I know so far is that USS Eunice (PCE 846) was the escort for the first one, and that on 1 August USS Neunzer (DE-150) sailed to New London to escort U 505 on it's War Bond Tour of the Gulf.

I am therefore looking for are the exact start and finish dates (and places) of the Tours, and I wonder if there is anyone who can possibly help me - please?

Finally, I am sorry if I am asking a question to which there is an obvious and easily accessible answer and, if that is so, I should be most grateful to be pointed in the “right” direction.

Yours aye


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Re: U 505 - War Bond Tours in 1945

Post by Derek Waller » 20 Oct 2011 09:56

Dear All,

Further to my "post" of 31 March 2011, I have at last very nearly defined the detailed time-line of U 505's two War Bond Tours, but there is still a small but important missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle.

It relates to U-505's Ist Tour which started in Philadelphia on 23 May 1945 and finished at the New London Navy Base in late June 1945.

Whilst in Philadelphia, and then in New York, U 505 was escorted by USS PCE-846.

However, when U 505 then went on to Boston, Baltimore (and possibly Washington), PCE-846 did not go with it as escort.

As a result, I cannot track down the precise details of the remainder of U 505's 1st Tour.

So, please, does anyone know the name of the escort vessel that accompanied U 505 after it left New York on 5/6 June?

There may, somewhere, be newspaper reports of U 505's visit to Baltimore, Boston or Washington in June 1945 and - if anyone can find them - they may refer to the name of the escort vessel (to which U 505 was normally tied-up during its visits).

Any chance? I do hope so.

Yours aye


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Re: U 505 - War Bond Tours in 1945

Post by Derek Waller » 02 Jan 2012 10:06

Dear All,

In March last year I posed a question on the Forum asking if anyone knew the details of U 505’s War Bond Tours in 1945.

Since then I have continued my research and, with a lot of assistance from a variety of sources and kind people, I have been able to establish the definitive story which, up to now, has not been recorded on any website, in any book, or even in the records at the Chicago MSI.

U-505 took part in 2 separate War Bond Tours. The first between May and July 1945, and the second (which was in 2 parts) between August 1945 and January 1946.

Full details (dates and places) are set out below.

There are still two missing details concerning the 1st Tour. They are the name of the pier in Washington from 23 to 28 June 1945, and the exact date on which U 505 arrived back in New London in July 1945. So, if anyone knows the answers, I should be grateful if you would please share them with me.

Finally, I hope that readers will find this information interesting and useful, and I am grateful for all the assistance that you have provided.

Yours aye


U 505’s First War Bond Tour

The Patrol Craft Escort USS PCE-846 escorted U 505 on the initial part of its first War Bond tour. The tour started in Philadelphia and then went to New York, Boston, Baltimore, Washington and Norfolk. The detailed itinerary was as follows:

a. Philadelphia (Pier 19, Municipal Docks) from 23 to 27 May

b. New York (Pier A, The Battery) from 28 May to 5 June

c. Boston (Central Wharf, Atlantic Avenue) from 7 to 13 June

d. Baltimore (Pier 4, Pratt St) from 16 to 21 June

e. Washington from 23 to 28 June

f. Norfolk (Merchants and Miners Pier) from 30 June to 4 July

g. U 505 then returned to New London

U 505s Second War Bond Tour

On 1 August the Destroyer Escort USS Neunzer (DE-150) sailed to New London to
escort U 505 on it's second (2-Part) War Bond tour.

Part 1 of the tour started from New London on 2 August, and U 505 made its first stop at
New York, staying there for a month. It then went to New Haven, New London, Portland,
Portsmouth and New Bedford before returning to New London on 1 October. The
detailed itinerary was as follows:

a. 2 Aug Departed New London, CT

b. 2 Aug - 3 Sep New York (Pier 88)

c. 3 Sep - 10 Sep New Haven, CT (Bell Pier)

d. 10 Sep - 11 Sep New London, CT (State Pier)

e. 12 Sep - 18 Sep Portland, ME, (Grant Trunk Pier, US Naval Station)

f. 18 Sep - 24 Sep Portsmouth, NH (Navy Yard)

g. 24 Sep - 1 Oct New Bedford, MA (State Pier)

h. 1 Oct - 8 Oct New London, CT (Municipal Pier).

Part 2 of the tour started on 8 October 1945 in New London, and U 505 then travelled down the east coast to Key West, before visiting the Gulf ports of Tampa, Pensacola, New Orleans and Mobile. It returned via Key West, and arrived at the Boston Navy Yard
on 12 January 1946:

a. 8 Oct Departed New London, CT

b. 9 Oct - 14 Oct Annapolis MD, (for US Naval Academy Centennial Celebrations)

c. 14 Oct - 18 Oct Wilmington, DE (Terminal Dock)

d. 19 Oct - 30 Oct Portsmouth, VA (Coast Guard Dock)

e. 31 Oct - 7 Nov Charleston, SC (Clyde Mallory Lines, Pier 3)

f. 7 Nov - 13 Nov Savannah, GA (Gordon’s Wharf)

g. 13 Nov - 21 Nov Jacksonville, FL (Gibbs Gasoline Repair Dock)

h. 22 Nov - 30 Nov Miami, FL (Pier 3, US Navy Supply Pier)

i. 30 Nov - 5 Dec Key West, FL (Clyde Mallory Dock)

j. 6 Dec - 12 Dec Tampa, FL (Clyde Mallory Dock)

k. 13 Dec - 18 Dec Pensacola, FL (Commandanica Dock)

l. 19 Dec - 27 Dec New Orleans, LA (Bienville Street Wharf)

m. 28 Dec - 1 Jan 46 Mobile, AL (L&N Railroad Dock)

n. 3 Jan - 8 Jan Key West, FL (Pier B)

o. 8 Jan Departed Key West for New London, CT

p. 9 Jan Destination changed (by CNO) to Boston, MA

q. 12 Jan Arrived Boston Navy Yard, MA

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Re: U 505 - War Bond Tours in 1945

Post by spriggs@att.net » 06 May 2018 01:52

My uncle served in the USCG in Portsmouth VA during WWII.
When U 505 visited Portsmouth VA 19-30 October 1945, he took a photograph of the vessel moored at the USCG pier.
This pier still exists.
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