Question about Gun-Types on U-Cruisers UB 151 - 157

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Question about Gun-Types on U-Cruisers UB 151 - 157

Post by Tanzania » 17 Feb 2017 13:27

Question about Gun-Types on U-Cruisers UB 151 - 157

I hope I am correct in this sub-forum, because it seems to be that you are all concentrated more in the WW II.
The WW I Navy part isn´t really represented in this forum. My question is regarding the Gun-Types of the first German U-Cruisers
The German Navy historian Erich Gröner wrote in his 3. Volume on page 47 about the modified seven German Trading Submarines,
that the artillery-equipment consisting of two 10,5-cm-Utof L/45 and two 8,8 cm UK L/30. Gröner listed as only exception UB 155,
with two 15-cm-(SK?) L/40 which originated from the old Battleship SMS Zähringen. The German Auxiliary Cruiser Wolf was also
provided at last, with seven of the same Gun-type from the Zähringen.
Below is a link for a very nice, detailed longitudinal-section and top view of these U-Cruisers in scale 1:50 (12,275 x 5,728 pixel!)
» S.M. Unterseeboote U 151 - 154 u. 156-157 Längsschnitt 1:50 « :
Gröner´s Graphic based also on this and pictured two 10,5-cm-Utof L/45 and diagonal positioned two 8,8 cm UK L/30. UB 155
is excluded in the headline of this Graphic. This supports the statement that SM UB 155 was provided with two 15 cm SK L/40.
The following three links shows the former 15 cm SK L/40 Casemate-Guns on the Auxiliary Cruiser Wolf. ... 38.018.JPG ... 38.011.jpg ... 38.179.jpg
Below a photo of SM UB 155. I am almost certain that the 15-cm-Utof L/45 are pictured. Indications are:
1.) The Gun sizes
2.) Missing diagonal two 8,8 cm SK L/30
3.) Other type than the 15 cm SL L/40 on the Wolf above
Original Source: ... t.jpg.html
I supposed that all seven U-Cruisers are provided with 15 cm SK, which was also listed below.
Furthermore all photos on this fantastic webpage shows the bigger; - 15 cm Guns, not the 10,5 cm!?!
Original Source:
Original Source: ... -unten.jpg
Original Source: ... aas229.jpg
The Title on the photo below mentioned: 15 cm Ubts + Tbts KL/45 on U155 about 1918.
Original Source:
My two questions are:
1. Were all seven U-Cruisers equipped with 15 cm Guns?
2. Was only MS UB 155 provided with the 15 cm Utof L/45?

Many thanks in advance for any further information.
Cheers Holger
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