U-Boats in Loch Eriboll

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U-Boats in Loch Eriboll

Post by Derek Waller » 25 Apr 2018 11:44

All those who are interested in the surrender of the U-Boats following the German capitulation in May 1945 will wish to know that an updated and expanded version of David Hird's (Cape Crusader) excellent little book "The Grey Wolves of Eriboll" has just been published.

It deserves a careful read as it does not just tell the story of the 33 U-Boats which were processed in Loch Eriboll in north west Scotland, but also contains lots of information about the whole surrender process, as well as what subsequently became of almost all the U-Boats that surrendered.

David has put a great deal of effort into his research for this 2nd Edition, which is a very worthwhile purchase.

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