searching for pictures of u-boat commanders

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searching for pictures of u-boat commanders

Post by cukdul » 24 May 2018 15:59

Hi all, its my fisrt post on this forum
Trying to find pictures of all u-boat commanders, who can help me to find picures of those :

Olt. z.S. Hubert Rieger: commander of U4
Korv.Kpt. der Reserve Georg Peters: commander of U 6 U 8 U 11 U 38 and UA
Oblt. z.S. Alfred Werner: commander of U 8 and U 921, IIWO on U 703
Kptlt. Peter Frahm: commander and WO on U 15
Korv.Kpt. Herbert Schauenburg : commander of U 20 and U 577
Obltn z.S. Rudolf Kugelberg: comander of U 21 and IIWO on U 565
Kptlt. Heinrich Kelling : commander of U 37 and U 423

Thanks in advance
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Re: searching for pictures of u-boat commanders

Post by lionfish » 24 May 2018 18:49


You have about U 423 here : ... SwSEZbA7yy

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