British ship sunk with 300 children aboard

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British ship sunk with 300 children aboard

Post by Von Schadewald » 07 Jul 2021 17:33

In this article on a Rabbi Sternbuch, it states:

"Due to the increasing threat of a Nazi invasion of Britain, Sternbuch's mother made attempts to arrange his safe passage to Canada or the United States. She asked Elyah Lopian, a rosh yeshiva from the East End of London, for advice on whether or not to allow her son to board what was to be the last passenger ship sailing for America till the war's end. Lopian offered to perform a goral haGra to divine the move's possibility for success, but as he was unable to accompany the solemn ceremony that day with the required fasting, the ship departed without Sternbuch, only to sink with 300 children aboard."

Any idea what was the name of this ship from the UK to America with 300 children aboard that sank/was sunk in the early part of the war?

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Waleed Y. Majeed
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Re: British ship sunk with 300 children aboard

Post by Waleed Y. Majeed » 07 Jul 2021 18:35

Seems like one of two if Sternbuch or the “Frankfurter” are quoted correctly and telling the truth and it’s early in the war and a CORB ship.
Here’s a link to the CORB Organisation and the mentioning of some of the last to leave. SS Volendam carrying 320 children (all survived) and SS City of Benares with 90 children (77 deaths). Both ships were hit by torpedoes. ... tion_Board
Maybe the 320 became “around 300… hmm, yes 300!”.


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