The Capture Of The German U 505- By The Men Who Took It!

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The Capture Of The German U 505- By The Men Who Took It!

Post by Psycho Mike » 03 Apr 2004 00:52 ... center.htm
The capture of the German U Boat 505 discussed by some of the men who took it will be broadcast live on the net.
Gordon F. Hohne, Zenon B. Lukosius, Wayne M. Pickels and Phillip N. Trusheim veterans of USS Pillsbury and members the Guadalcanal 's U-505 Boarding Party and Keith Gill, U-505 Curator, Museum of Science and Industry
Hear amazing accounts of bravery, ingenuity, fortitude and persistence told with compassion and even humor by the members who served during World War II aboard the USS Pillsbury, part of the USS Guadacanal task group 22.3. Each received the Silver Star for his gallant efforts in the capture of the U 505.
After this date it will probably be available in the archives. The Pritzker Military Library has a large numbers of talks in their collection available after a fast free registration.

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Post by Tom Houlihan » 03 Apr 2004 01:08

Years ago, I read the book that Admiral Dan Gallery wrote about that operation. It was rather an interesting read by the guy who cooked up the hair-brained scheme, and then pulled it off! 8O

Actually, he wrote a coupla books. He was a fairly decent writer, with a good sense of humor. A little ribald, but waddya expect from a sailor? :D

If you can find one of his books, you'll probably enjoy it, even if you aren't into the naval stuff.

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