Unknown schnatzy gun...

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Unknown schnatzy gun...

Post by Szczerbiec » 01 Apr 2003 03:52

Can somebody tell me WHAT THE SCHNATZ IS THAT?

It looks damn nice!
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Post by Xavier » 01 Apr 2003 05:52

a WWI vintage Maxim 08 (or schwarloze) Heavy MG with trench mount and trench armour (at least part of it, the small round metal plate next to the muzzle ) to protect the water jacket.

the quad mount (not tripod, (ie: three legs..)) extended flat to be carried by two men like a stretcher....

in front of the closest officer you can see the water condenser /container for the gun.

obviously peacetime and posed, polish officers? I am not sure.



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Post by varjag » 02 Apr 2003 12:04

Xavier - I came to the same conclusion. Polish and Schwarzlose 08. The 'posing' is accentuated by absence of condensor-hose.

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Post by wolfen » 06 Apr 2003 00:22

It's a Maxim 08 Heavy MG, the rear of the receiver is rounded on the Schwarzlose among other differences.
Schwarzlose Heavy MG http://www.centroricerchearcheo.org/02000.htm

http://www.angelfire.com/oh2/manowar/gu ... chgun1.htm

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