Chronicles of Terror testimony database

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Chronicles of Terror testimony database

Post by gral » 27 Apr 2017 11:06

Hi everyone,

One year ago had been launched site Actually, this is one of the largest collection of civilian testimonies from Nazi-occupied Europe availabe online. It was created by the Witold Pilecki Center for Totalitarian Studies - institution founded in 2016 to pursue interdisciplinary research and reflection on the Polish experience of confronting two totalitarian regimes in the twentieth century. In Chronicles of Terror are publishing witness depositions of Polish citizens who testified before the Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland after World War II. Database of depositions currently includes more than 1300 testimonies (of which more than 900 have been translated into English). They concern Warsaw and its surroundings. These include accounts of German terror in the occupied capital: street executions, round-ups, daily life in the Warsaw Ghetto, executions of the Polish intelligentsia etc. Some depositions were made by Polish Jews who survived deportation to the death camp at Treblinka after the Uprising in Warsaw Ghetto. Many testimonies concern Warsaw Uprising in 1944.

One of the main goal of project is to translate testimonies into English to facilitate the discovery of Polish personal and local histories by international audience. Chronicles of Terror will soon feature testimonies from other parts of Poland. In this year will be published first part of testimonies concerning Soviet occupation (mass deportations to the East, forced labor camps etc.)

Indexes allow to search information by tag i.e. subject, location, category of victim, perpetrators, crime etc.

LINK to collection "Genocide in Wola - a district sentenced to death" - ... =-6&p=0&q=*

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Re: Chronicles of Terror testimony database

Post by RG » 28 Apr 2017 10:19

Good idea. Are you going to collect testimonies from other areas than Warsaw? And/or collect all testimonies, not only related to crimes but also to "regular" life?

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