Assassination of General Wladyslaw Sikorski

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Assassination of General Wladyslaw Sikorski

Post by youngbruno » 25 Jul 2017 10:50

Finally revealed the Assassination of General Wladyslaw Sikorski!

I suppose to all of you its a subject done to death, well not with us its not!

As I am announcing 'the real facts and truth' behind the mysterious Plane Crash of General Wladyslaw Sikorski way back in 1943; it was a deliberately calculated sabotage to stop the plane.

Please note that this is not a theory at all.

Our family have been into Polish Army and Politics for centuries, and in England as Ministers and even Poland's Prime Minister in Exile.

So please let me make it very clear that General Wladyslaw Sikorski was infact deliberately targeted to be removed, desired result was to be "as accidental as possible", carried out by members of my family skilled in Military and Intelligence to get close enough. It is a very Long story so thats why there is a book out to explain, it is not a yes no situation.
It takes time to explain and you can see why this was done, even though I will say that this was wrong, but looking at it through their eyes, desperate people do desperate things in the war, especially when you are loosing and many, many members of our family are killed.

My father was the saboteur, started when he escaped from a 3rd Reich Food Farm and joined a group called ZJ before they merged with NSZ to form the NSZ-ZJ as he was following orders, trained in intelligience and sabotage for now he is a Lizard! New identity, new military Rank!Later hired by the Polish Government in Exile, with Zbigniew Szubanski in Assassination Unit 993/W. Be very cautious I had met and talked to Zbigniew and he is officially recorded as such. My fathers name will not be as he used a multitude of names and pseudonyms.

It has taken 74 years to get the nerve to release the truth. So be kind to me, I am English speaking raised from two parents that during WW2 were very very lethal.

I by no means am glorifying him, but unfortunately my Dad was perhaps accidentally the 'Greatest undetected Assassin of the 20th Century', to explain please either type in to google 'To Live Well is to Hide Well' or go to the site of the book which is a true story at
It was done to rewrite history and right some wrongs.

I can answer questions if you wish to ask however I would suggest that you read the book first as its equivalent to 157 x A4 pages of text or 71,000 words.

Just in case you are in doubt many Polish historians and Air Crash investigators have been involved under secrecy, even the most famous of all the expert Garth Barnard who is the Investigator and Director of the TV Documentary Series 'Sikorski's Last Flight' applauds the fact this data is out. And has this on his facebook page!


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