Polish Armed Forces in the East Recruitment Centers

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Re: Polish Armed Forces in the East Recruitment Centers

Post by Stephan » 28 Sep 2019 22:41

wm wrote:
24 Sep 2019 15:39

Because there were so many Polish Jews among the Jewish fighters that there was an informal agreement that protected the Anders' Army from attacks, in some cases, their trucks were distinctively marked to distinguish them from British trucks.
There is an interesting twich here. In the late 30` ies, Polands military had some military training camps for jewish activists in Poland, for example officers from the Irgun groupe in Palestina.

The background: Poland wanted to encourage jews to emigrate from Poland, and if they wanted to emigrate to Palestine, so be it. And thus, they did helped the Irgun and in some degree the Haganah with training (including sabotage technique for Irgun), military leadership, weaponlore, weapons and money to buy more weapons locally. They also helped with the selve illegal transportation into Palestine...

That is why the Irgun members in Palestine, whom happily did sabotage on british military vehicles, warned and adviced the poles to paint polish marks on their british vehicles... To not get them sabotaged. As a little Tx for old favors. :)

Btw, The british could and did organize a full jewish brigade (and could probably organize more if they wanted to). I suppose many of these soldiers there were the ex-polish soldiers mentioned, whom leaved the Anders army, + probably some of the Irgun and Haganah mentioned, whom joined the british army to fight actively against the nazis.
For the british it was a good source: trained soldiers, whom are eager to fight against the enemy, you dont just find on the street every day!

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Re: Polish Armed Forces in the East Recruitment Centers

Post by Dorim » 11 Nov 2022 11:00


I’m researching for a film these recruitment centers from Uzbekistan where Poles used to enroll in Anders army and I wonder if any of you has historical images of such buildings.

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