Operation Reichenau - a request for tips and assistance

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Operation Reichenau - a request for tips and assistance

Post by Universe » 17 Jan 2023 03:45

I'm attempting to find any and all information about a strange incident during WWII. Apparently, the Polish Resistance published pamphlets or newspapers in German that claimed General Walter von Reichenau was involved in a plot to kill Hitler, intending to demoralize German troops. The details of Operation Reichenau are murky and the propaganda campaign was carried out either immediately before or following Reichenau's death from natural causes in January 1942. That's what I've been able to glean from sparse internet mentions.

The only analog publication I know of is Akcja Reichenau, a short book by Michal Wojewodzki (I attempted to buy a copy online but Allegro says it can't ship outside of Poland). Someone I corresponded with read the book and told me it's mostly about Wojewodzki's correspondence with Reichenau's widow after the war.

I've also requested any documentation on Operation Reichenau from two relevant Polish archives--to no avail. They claim to have no information.

Why this incident is particularly strange is that Reichenau was known as an early and fanatical supporter of Hitler and author of the Severity Order. Why would the Polish Resistance pick such an unlikely candidate to be involved in conspiracy against Hitler? I believe I may have an answer to why Reichenau was spotlighted by this campaign, involving a former member of the Sicherheitsdienst who worked at times with Polish Army intelligence. There's reason to believe Reichenau WAS involved in conspiracy against Hitler.

Can anyone:
*Help me obtain a copy of Akcja Reichenau from Allegro?
*Translate relevant passages from Polish into English?
*Provide or find original examples of the Resistance propaganda material?
*Provide assistance with researching in Polish archival sources?


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Re: Operation Reichenau - a request for tips and assistance

Post by gebhk » 17 Jan 2023 10:39

Can't help much, though it is a facinating subject. Perhaps Reichenau's late conversion to the anti-Jewish 'cause' made him attractive as a subject of the action (apparently previously he had publically opposed AH on the Jewish question, especially with regard to Jewish veterans)? In any event knocking down a mighty pillar of a regime has more impact than overturning a wobbly one, so undermining a big-time supporter of AH may have been precisely what the Undergorund was aiming for?

I assume you have enquired at The Polish Underground Movement Study Trust?

The Wojewodzki book appears to be available on the Literacki Antykwariat Internetowy at the moment.

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