Polish Soldiers in Combat

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Polish Soldiers in Combat

Post by sylvieK4 » 29 Aug 2002 17:48

Does anyone have any photos they can share of Polish soldiers in action - battlefield, combat - on Polish soil against the Germans in 1939?

In another thread, I've found a few dress uniforms and portraits of Polish soldiers in Poland during the 1930s, but none there of men in battle dress in the field. Can you help?

Thanks. :D

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Post by Ogorek » 29 Aug 2002 18:44

Cheers - GFC
Actual Polish combat photos from 1939 are very rare. Cameras were STRICTLY forbidden. Probably the best and easiest available source for field uniforms is the book is :
Zaloga, Steven & Madej, Victor, The Polish Campaign 1939

Another book is the massive book POLES ON THE FRONTS OF WORLD WAR II by Stefan Starba Baluk. It is 638 pages, and some 80 of them cover 1939. Unfortunately it is very pricey on the secondary market.

It is also interesting that Baluk was a "Cichociemni"; the "Silent and Unseen" special operations paratroopers who jumped into occupied Poland. Many of the excellent photos included of the Warsaw Uprising were in fact taken by him.

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