French P-39 Airacobras losses in July 1945

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French P-39 Airacobras losses in July 1945

Postby uhebeisen » 08 Jun 2018 14:10

hello everybody
I am looking for information about two P-39 Q that were lost in Switzerland short after WWII has ended. These two Airacobras were flying along the river Rhein on a low level flight on 16. July 1945 (cloudy, bad weather) from (probably) Basel towards the lake of Constance. Near Eglisau they crashed into the hill (Irchel). There has been a story about this accident in the Swiss Newspaper "Tagesanzeiger" in December 2017.
Can anybody give more information about these two aircrafts (escadrilles, colors, armament). The names of the pilots are known as Sgt Francois de Laurens and Francois Delvolvé they were both killed in the accident. Getting in contact with a Swiss hisotrian I know that one P-39 did have the number 43914 and it had a four blade propeller. Therefor I assume that they were P-39Q versions.

I would like to know as much as possible about these two aircrafts, maybe I will then build them in scale 1:72 as models. It would also be very interesting to know where these Airacobras were come from and what their mission was.
Maybe they were on a routine flight from France to the french occupation zone in southern Germany. According to the sparse information I currently have they could belong to the GC I/9 "Limousin" or the GC II/9 "Auvergne".

Any information is greatly welcome

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Re: French P-39 Airacobras losses in July 1945

Postby Takao » 14 Jun 2018 18:12

According to this response, the pilots were S/Lt Louis Delvolve and Sgt François de Laurens-Castelet from GC II/9.
est celui du S/Lt Louis DELVOLVE et du Sgt François de LAURENS-CASTELET du GC II/9 qui se sont effectivement tués dans la région de Zurich le 16 du même mois. Cet accident avait été également signalé par M. Roumy. Et, dans ce cas, il s'était bien agit d'Airacobra.

Merci en tout cas M. Schreiber pour cette information "neutre"... ... irefox-b-1

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