Károly (Charles) Milassin De Csiky - RMLE

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Károly (Charles) Milassin De Csiky - RMLE

Post by keith A » 30 Dec 2018 18:31

This fellow is a member of the Foreign Legion from around 1934, a Hungarian who saw action in WW2 with RMLE and other formations. i have often wondered why he joined the Legion, assuming political or religious persecution in Hungary in the 1930s. However I am now of the opinion that he may have been a refugee much earlier, perhaps in the immediate post-war period? A family with his pedigree would have suffered under Béla Kun 1918-19?

That would give credence to the linear career of a well-educated boy, in impoverished circumstances, formerly of the (Officer) upper middle-class in a foreign country - and explain his French language skills (he was a senior NCO by the time of his second enlistment, despite no combat experience)?



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