Desertion and self inflicted wounds

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Desertion and self inflicted wounds

Post by thorwald77 » 07 Aug 2019 02:01

My father was a replacement tank driver in the 9th Army(1944-45). He told me that desertion and self inflicted wounds were a problem. He said the deserters were hiding with French prostitutes, the self inflicted wounds were just sent home. My father despised these guys, he received an honorable discharge. He passed away in 1975 and is buried in a US military cemetery
I have never seen any American statistics on deserters and self inflicted wounds. A deleted scene from the movie Fury deals with self inflicted wounds.

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Re: Desertion and self inflicted wounds

Post by LineDoggie » 13 Aug 2019 04:39

50K deserters in ETO during 1944-45. Many gone for a few weeks only. ... =Deserters
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Re: Desertion and self inflicted wounds

Post by Sheldrake » 13 Aug 2019 10:16

Here is a quote from the US Army's office of Medical History which illustrates the problems
The problem of self-inflicted wounds must also be discussed under the subject of malingering. Since these men are evacuated through surgical channels, our experience with this group is limited. Such soldiers invariably claim that the wound was accidental. There are never witnesses, and it is usually impossible to prove deliberate intent. ... ion1_3.htm

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Re: Desertion and self inflicted wounds

Post by Andy H » 06 Sep 2019 18:55


Some further info and interesting snippets ... lence.html


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