U.S. Destroyer which lost its' bow

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U.S. Destroyer which lost its' bow

Post by captain_wright » 26 May 2009 01:09

Can someone name the destroyer which lost its' bow due to a collision with a tanker?
The story about this desteoyer and its' bow was on the History channels' "Deep Sea Detectives".


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Re: U.S. Destroyer which lost its' bow

Post by Takao » 26 May 2009 19:51

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Re: U.S. Destroyer which lost its' bow

Post by Martti » 26 May 2009 19:53

It was the appropriately-named USS Murphy (DD-603).

Note that ships lost or severly damaged (including lost bows or fantails) during collisions was hardly unheard-of. A quick seach includes the following:

CA-29 Chicago collided with freighter Silver Palm on 25.10.1933, bow severly damaged, three killed.
BB-56 Washington collided with BB-58 Indiana on 1.2.1944, bow severly damaged.
DD-500 Ringgold collided with DD-541 Yarnall on 4.3.1945, Ringgold lost her bow, Yarnall had one killed, six injured.
DD-510 Eaton collided with BB-64 Wisconsin in 1956, bow severly damaged.
AVD-11 Thornton collided with AO-51 Ashtabula and AO-70 Escalante on 5.4.1945.
DD-308 William Jones collided with DD-298 Percival on 31.1.1926.
DD-846 Ozbourn collided with DD-717 Theodore E. Chandler in 1948 and lost her bow.
HMS Newark (ex-USS DD-89 Ringgold) collided with HMS Newmarket (ex-USS DD-88 Robinson) on 5.12.1940 and again with HMS Volunteer on 10.4.1941.

There are other examples in US Navy, and more similar occurances in other navies.

CA-36 Minneapolis lost her bow from a torpedo hit.

Russell Neyman
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Re: U.S. Destroyer which lost its' bow

Post by Russell Neyman » 28 Feb 2021 19:36

Not the same ship, but still very interesting.

Carl Schwamberger
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Re: U.S. Destroyer which lost its' bow

Post by Carl Schwamberger » 28 Feb 2021 20:39

At the battle of Tassafaronga the USS New Orleans collided with its bow after it had been detached by a Japanese torpedo. The bow remained afloat briefly & immediately collided with a following cruiser (Pensacola ?)

On Wiki there are a couple of good photos of the New Orleans still afloat and missing all afore of Turret B. The damage amidships from the collision is visible on the port side

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Re: U.S. Destroyer which lost its' bow

Post by Biber » 28 Feb 2021 20:55

Sorry for the digression, but I couldn't resist.

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Re: U.S. Destroyer which lost its' bow

Post by Pips » 01 Mar 2021 00:18

Classic Aussie humour. So enjoyed their weekly satire after ABC news. :)

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Re: U.S. Destroyer which lost its' bow

Post by R Leonard » 01 Mar 2021 14:24

The carrier USS Wasp collided with the destroyer USS Hobson on 26 Apr 1952, essentially running Hobson down and slicing her in half as the destroyer unexpectedly crossed Wasp's bow during night flight operations. Hobson sank within four minutes with the loss of 176 crewmen, there were 52 survivors.

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